Mission and Vision.


The mission of Breakthrough Charter School is to prepare students in Perry County for success as citizens and leaders by providing a rigorous, service-oriented, and project-based public school that supports the social-emotional development of each individual child.


Our vision is to become the leading educational option for students in Perry County and to produce a citizenry that is empowered to achieve their personal ambitions, break the cycle of poverty, and give back to their community. As a school rooted in robust community partnerships and extensive support systems from leading experts, we aim to be a powerful complement to Perry County Schools, sharing best practices and resources wherever possible. We will leverage our unique and robust partnerships to create rigorous academic experiences and profound opportunities for personal development, and we will honor Perry County’s rich history by emphasizing service-oriented projects that improve the community and respect its past.


Our core values of Scholarship, Diversity, Leadership, and Community drive Breakthrough’s mission and vision.